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How do we make your sneakers?

Would you like to refine your sneakers with your logo or lettering?
No problem. On the following page we explain which logo processes are available and what you should consider when designing.

DTF Technologie

Logo per

Logo per

Logo per

Logo by patch


Logo per

With this printing technology, any motif is printed with 4 colors (CMYK) on a carrier material (e.g. a PET film).

The white ink is applied in parallel, somewhat offset. Immediately after the motif is printed, the film continues to run in a "roll-to-roll" system.
a separate area where it is "dusted" with a powdered hotmelt adhesive.

This is then gelled on the motif under the effect of heat.

With embroidery - also known as direct embroidery - your logo is embroidered directly onto the sneaker with fine thread. As a result, this type of finishing is very robust and lasts a long time. With thread, your logo can be implemented in its true color. However, color gradients are not possible. In addition, the logo should not be too finely detailed, as an embroidered seam always requires a minimum width.

With transfer printing, your logo is first printed digitally on a transfer foil. This is then transferred to the sneakers with pressure and heat. This type of finishing has the advantage that color gradients and flat logos can also be applied. 

When finishing with the patch, your logo is first created by computer and then applied to the desired area with heat. Almost all colors are possible. 

Pad printing is an indirect printing process in which the printing ink is transferred from the printing form to the substrate using an elastic pad made of silicone rubber. The color is transferred to the material by pressing it in different strengths. Whether synthetic or genuine leather. We can place your logo on almost any part of the shoe. We are happy to help.

With laser engraving, the focus is on the contour of the motif. Depending on the customer's wishes and the motif, our experts adjust the laser intensity so that the logo fits your corporate image. If the focus and the recognition feature of your motif is the contour and not the color, then lasering is an elegant way of finishing. Whether synthetic, vegan, textile or genuine leather, we can attach your logo to almost any part of the shoe. We are happy to help.


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