Our assortment ranges from handmade premium leather sneakers to vegan, synthetic or textile sneakers. Our production is exclusively in the EU and allows us so fast delivery times and short transport routes.  Small quantities as well as large orders, we deliver everything from a single source - clear, punctual and neat.

Renowned companies and associations rely on predictable attention and competent appearance. As sneaker2design we do not rely on a gut feeling, but, decide on the basis of existing company philosophy and competence for measurable competitive advantage, appreciation and attention.

Our shoes are handmade in Europe. The factories are run by families who have been involved in shoe production for generations. Thus, the experience of traditional handmade shoes, with the new technologies of shoe manufacturing, is passed from generation to generation. We attach great importance to good working conditions, a secure family wage as well as ecological standards. We select the companies according to these standards and visit them regularly. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Our aim is to produce fashionable and durable sneakers of the best quality for our customers. SERVICE is very important to us and customer satisfaction is our greatest priority. Our return rate is 0%.

Our finishing are certified according to the following standards:

How we think and act

Our corporate fashion specialists are available to advise you with all their experience. Almost any color combination according to individual wishes is possible in our collection. Models/colors not available in the collection, can also be developed according to your customer's request.

We will help you find the ideal employee shoes in your company design.

Our claim is quality

All sneakers that leave our house have first-class workmanship. They fit your business, are fashionable and extremely durable.

We are not satisfied until we have found the right solution for all the different wishes of our customers.


Our interchangeable footbeds are padded, high quality and therefore very easy on the joints. A suitable footbed is not only important in case of health problems, but also a benefit for much stressed feet. When walking, our feet absorb shocks, bear the entire weight of the body and keep the body in balance - a tough test of endurance in which they can use all the support they can get.

Even if fashion and trends are usually less designed for comfort, it is always worth taking a look at the "inside of the shoe". The foot needs a healthy footbed in which the foot has stability and does not buckle to the side.

Wearing high quality processed shoes prevents the development of possible foot problems and foot malpositions, which subsequently bring health problems.



Customized shoe concepts with company logo
Unique, high quality, fashionable, comfortable & cool
Advice & Passion
Fit guarantee


As a fit comparison, you can take the model "Stan Smith" from the brand Adidas. For more information, please refer to our size chart or contact our team.

Delivery Time

For the shoes from Europe, the delivery time is about 1-2 months.


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