Dirk Medebach's customers include illustrious names such as Frank Rosin, Alfons Schuhbeck, the Superior Hotel Nikko in Düsseldorf, doctors, the football club of the 1st Bundesliga and many more customers.

His B2B business model called snkr2design.com manufactures personalized and handmade sneakers for companies and clubs from a wide variety of industries. According to Medebach, "corporate design" has never been thought through to the end, especially in the hospitality industry!

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With snkr2design.com, Dirk Medebach focuses on quality and comfort. His sneakers are handmade in Portugal. The idea sounds good, because guests expect more than just a bed and shower: it's about adventures, experiences and a lot of emotions that are lived and gladly shared via social media. You show what you can afford.

Social media are one of the most effective marketing channels next to your own website. Instagram and Facebook make it possible to let the guests tell their own stories and thus make the hotel brand even better known. Sneakers with special branding are the key to a highly individual presentation. The personalized sneaker from snkr2design.com contributes to branding. Many guests are able to show the destination in which they were guests by purchasing a shoe with a hotel imprint.

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We had the handmade shoes made especially for the editorial team. It's very easy. You can reliably measure your own shoe size yourself using a printed template.

We were able to convince ourselves of the quality of the handmade shoes. The slightly highlighted, pleasantly tactile imprint on the sneaker looks very high quality. The picture shows the template for our partner medium tusiasm.com. The fit was also right, thanks to the measurement table sent in advance.

Interview with Dirk Medebach, Managing Director of MD Corporate Fashion GmbH

HOTEL Fachzeitung: Mr. Medebach, you enhance shoes through personalization. What can a restaurateur or hotelier achieve with your sneakers?

Dirk Medebach: There is only one way to be special, personalisation. Personalization means uniqueness, branding and attention as well as corporate identity, style, elegance and a good dose of team building. That is why more and more companies and associations are relying on authenticity, belonging and a strong corporate culture. snkr2design.com supports the companies and clubs with the lifestyle product "personalized sneaker". snkr2design.com unterstützt mit dem Lifestyleprodukt „personalisierter Sneaker“ hier die Firmen und Vereine.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: What exactly does "personalization" mean for your product? Does every employee get their personal shoe with their name on it?

Dirk Medebach: Personalization means that we can put the logo of the hotel or restaurant almost anywhere on a sneaker that we handcraft. There are various methods for this, which the customer can choose after our advice. Your own name is not in the foreground, but the logo of the hotel or restaurant, because it's about attention, team building and marketing for the company.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: What is the smallest series of personalized sneakers you can order from snkr2design.com and what are the delivery times and prices? snkr2design.com bestellen und wie sind die Lieferzeiten bzw. Preise?

Dirk Medebach: We start from 10 pairs per total order for personalized sneakers in leather, synthetic or vegan material. The delivery times are 4-8 weeks and the price range depends on the quality and quantity of the sneaker. So far we have been able to satisfy all customers.

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HOTEL Fachzeitung: Are logos also possible or are only fonts possible?

Dirk Medebach: Any kind of logos, fonts or even images are possible.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: Which colors and which shoe sizes are available?

Dirk Medebach: In terms of design, we can develop almost any sneaker you want. Only the bestsellers are currently shown on our website, snkr2design.com. The colors of the upper and the sole design can be developed individually for companies and clubs. The usual shoe sizes are 36-42 for women and 40-47 for men. snkr2design.com, werden aktuell nur die Bestseller gezeigt. Farben des Obermaterials sowie des Sohlendesigns können individuell für die Firmen und Vereine entwickelt werden. Die gängigen Schuhgrößen sind bei Frauen 36-42 und bei Herren 40-47.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: Do you already have prominent customers? Can you name one or the other? What did these customers order from you?

Dirk Medebach: Our customers include Frank Rosin, Alfons Schuhbeck, Superior Hotel Nikko/Düsseldorf, Sellwerk, the Württemberg Yacht Club and many more customers. These prominent customers ordered a team sneaker made of leather with a corresponding company logo, so that the appearance of the employees and the corporate identity of the company is also thought through to the shoes. But we also have clubs in our portfolio, such as a football club from the 1st Bundesliga. They ordered a synthetic sneaker for their fans that is easy to care for and inexpensive.

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HOTEL Fachzeitung: Mr. Medebach, how does the ordering process work and how do you guarantee the right fit?

Dirk Medebach: The ordering process takes place in 3 steps.
1. The request usually comes from the customer and the contact form on our website.
2. This is followed by a joint briefing, then the conception starts using image material.
3. After design is confirmed, production samples are made and sent to customer for quality check.

We also provide a measurement chart of how the team's feet can be measured so that we can ensure the fit is secure. Customer satisfaction and service are our top priority. So to date we have had a complaint rate of 0%, which we are particularly proud of.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: Are your sneakers handmade? Where do you manufacture your products?

Dirk Medebach: Our sneakers are all handmade in the EU. We rely on certified companies that we visit regularly. The experience of the traditional artisanal production of shoes with the new technologies of shoemaking is passed on from generation to generation. We value good working conditions, secure family wages and sustainability. Short transport routes to our partners ensure that our customers can deliver their orders quickly.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: What is important to you in terms of workmanship and comfort?

Dirk Medebach: We offer handmade sneakers that are produced to the highest quality standards. Comfort with padded Vario footbeds is very important to us, because after all, employees are out and about in these shoes all day and health problems often arise with their feet.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: How can I reach you or where can I get more information?

Dirk Medebach: The best way is by email to info@snkr2design.com or by phone. The phone numbers are 02152 - 980 98 00 and 0172 - 5352358.

A contact form is available on our website snkr2design.com. There you will find all the information about our company.

HOTEL Fachzeitung: Thank you very much for the interview.

Source: https://www.hotelfachzeitung.com/hotelmanagement/hotel-marketing/branding-fuer-hotel-und-gastronomie